Les hellico "apaisent" les "tensions" au Perou....Des dizaines de morts...

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Vendredi 12 juin 2009

Salut Alain...Bien entendu nous relayons cela sur TAZ et Nosotros...tout de suite. Nous essaierons de "décortiquer"    un peu plus tard...Disons qu'il y a "urgence"...

2009/6/12 alain Braulio <a.brolio@linuxmail.org>

je ne fwd pas avaaz habituellement.
Mais les événements semblent très peu relayés.
pour ceux qui n'ont eu que des bribes d'info (cf envoi précédent), y a peu être de quoi creuser ci-dessous, y compris pour des infos en Français.

en très bref : des populations indigènes (amérindiennes)  s'opposent aux accords de concession signés entre le président Alan Garcia et un gang de multinationnales sur l'amazonie péruvienne, en bloquant une route d'accès importante. Garcia fait mitrailler les manifestants par hélicos militaires : 60 morts et 200 blessés, cas de disparitions et torture sur personnes hospitalisées, tous ces opposants qualifiés de terroristes, rhétorique reprise en choeur par les médias en Europe et ailleurs.

à vous la balle


----- Original Message -----

From: "Luis Morago - Avaaz.org"
To: "a.brolio@linuxmail.org"
Subject: Peru: Save the Amazon
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:50:08 -0400

Dear friends,
Peru's government is clashing violently with indigenous groups protesting the rapid devastation of the Amazon rainforest by mining, oil and logging companies. The forest is a global treasure - let's stand with the protesters and sign the petition to President Garcia to stop the violence and save the Amazon:

Sign the petition

The Peruvian government has pushed through legislation that could allow extractive and large-scale farming companies to rapidly destroy their Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous peoples have peacefully protested for two months demanding their lawful say in decrees that will contribute to the devastation of the Amazon's ecology and peoples, and be disastrous for the global climate. But last weekend President Garcia responded: sending in special forces to suppress protests in violent clashes, and labelling the protesters as terrorists.

These indigenous groups are on the frontline of the struggle to protect our earth -- Let's stand with them and call on President Alan Garcia (who is widely known to be sensitive to his international reputation) to immediately stop the violence and open up dialogue. Click below to sign the urgent global petition and a prominent and well-respected Latin-American politician will deliver it to the government on our behalf.


More than 70 per cent of the Peruvian Amazon is now up for grabs. Giant oil and gas companies, like the Anglo-French Perenco and the North Americans ConocoPhillips and Talisman Energy, have already pledged multi-billionaire investments in the region. These extractive industries have a very poor record of bringing benefits to local people and preserving the environment in developing countries - which is why indigenous groups are asking for internationally-recognized rights to consultation on the new laws.

For decades the world and indigenous peoples have watched as extractive industries devastated the rainforest that is home to some and a vital treasure to us all (some climate scientists call the Amazon the "lungs of the planet" - breathing in the carbon emissions that cause global warming and producing oxygen).

The protests in Peru are the biggest yet and the most desperate, we can't afford to let them fail. Sign the petition, and encourage your friends and family to join us, so we can help bring justice to the indigenous peoples of Peru and prevent further acts of violence from all parties.


In solidarity,

Luis, Paula, Alice, Ricken, Graziela, Ben, Brett, Iain, Pascal, Raj, Taren and the entire Avaaz team.


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